Toni and the Dolphins

Dagmar de Mendieta
Bücher - Kinderbücher
CHF 17.90
CHF 17.90


An exciting story that invites us to the world of the brave Toni, son of a fisherman, who, while helping his father, makes a beautiful friendship with the dolphins. But one day, suddenly, he is facing a difficult situation to solve when huge vessels arrive and cast a large number of nets, endangering life at sea and also life of his friends, the dolphins.

An aquatic adventure that reminds us of the importance of taking care of our planet. 

This endearing emotional adventure between a father and his son shows us with determination the importance of living with nature and taking care of our seas, given the great deterioration that they suffer today. 

Author: Dagmar de Mendieta

Publisher: BABIDI-BU

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